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Marlow Remembers WW1 KS2 Lesson Resource Pack

An important part of the work of Marlow Remembers WW1 is to encourage schools to participate in events in and around Marlow, so that children gain an understanding of WW1 and the impact that it had on their town.
We are supporting schools in two ways:
1. Develop events that children can attend outside of school.

2. An internal programme to develop resources and plans that can be used in schools.

Work is underway in both these areas.


1. Events

Our first event WAS an Exhibition of WW1 Artefacts and Talk on Life in the Trenches by Mike Willoughby. The week long exhibition RAN from 16-20th June at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School Marlow who have very kindly provided their school as a venue.

Mike Willoughby of Henley Lest We Forget is a WW1 enthusiast who has an incredible collection of artefacts including medals uniforms, gas masks, guns, maps and even a full size replica trench. Mike, dressed in his WW1 uniform, will talk to the children about life of a soldier in the trenches.

Exhibition and talk sessions will take place in the morning and afternoon during that week. We are able to accommodate up to 60 children per session. There will also be the opportunity to visit the chapel at Borlase to view the memorial plaques of former students who died in the war. We will have a detailed case study for the children. We are also in the process of devising follow up activities after the exhibition to further enhance the children’s learning. There is an interview with a teacher who took her children to Mike Willoughby’s exhibition on his website –

We are very fortunate to have the support of the staff and students at Borlase. We are working closely with Borlase staff to organise groups of students to provide chaperones and learning support at the events, giving the students an opportunity to lead and demonstrate excellent communication skills whist at the same time augmenting the learning experience of the primary school students.


This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to view WW1 artefacts and learn about life in the trenches. Mike aims for these sessions to be as interactive as possible answering children’s questions following their lines of interest.

Please contact to book a session for your school with details of the number of children and preferred date during the week.

2. Internal Programme -School Resources

Members of the Marlow Remembers WW1 organisation have completed detailed research on the men who went to war from Marlow. This data can be found under the WW1 section on the website.

We are currently devising resources and plans for all schools to use. These resources will include case studies, database records, photographs and follow up activities that complement the exhibition.

Case Study 1 – David Dickson
This case study will give children the opportunity to explore the life of David Dickson and will act as a stimulus to further research aspects of the war, which they are interested in. The case study of David Dickson a Marlovian who played at the same hockey club as many of our children, Marlow Hockey Club, details his short life, dying at the age of just 17 when serving aboard HMS Hawke which was sunk following a torpedo attack by a German submarine.

The children can visit the chapel at Borlase to view David Dickson’s memorial plaque.

Further resources will be added shortly to include –Life on the Home Front describing life in Marlow during the war.

Please contact if you have any resources that you would like to share.