KS2 Lesson Resource Pack

Download – Marlow Remembers WW1 KS2 Lesson Resource Pack

This resource pack has been created to provide teachers with information and lesson ideas specifically looking at Marlow during World War 1.

All the resources to teach the lessons are either included in the pack or material can be downloaded from web links.

The pack is aimed at Key Stage 2. However, some of the activities could easily be adapted for younger children. There are 4 lessons in the pack that can be taught together in sequence or as stand-alone lessons.

Each lesson has a number of different activities which you can choose to match the interests and different learning styles of the children. Activities could be extended if interest and time allows e.g. Lesson 1 there is a brief reference to women working in munitions factories this could be extended to look at the wider role of women in the war.

Each lesson is designed to answer stimulus questions through discovery. There are various
resources in the pack which will enable the children to understand what Marlow was like
during the war e.g. case study, newspaper article, transcript/audio tape/various links to
different websites where they can gather information and form opinions.

Lesson 1. Marlow in the War

Using an audio file and/or transcript of “Memories of Marlow-the First World War”, collected by The Marlow Society (1988-1990), children learn from local Marlovians about life in Marlow during the war. The children listen to or read accounts of life during the war. There are many interesting stories that can be discussed following the interest of the children. Lesson duration 2hrs. If more than one activity is chosen it’ll be longer! Also, it could be extended to follow children’s interests see notes.

Lesson 2. The Men from Marlow who fought in WW1

The objective of this lesson is to enable children to understand that men who lived in their
town went to war and sacrificed their lives. For the children that attend the Causeway
service on Remembrance Sunday they will understand what the long list of names read out really means. There are some suggestions on how to use the database for data handling. Lesson duration 2hrs.

Lesson 3. The Significance of our War Memorial.

Identifies where the Marlow War Memorial is situated and examines why we have war
memorials and the importance of remembrance. Lesson duration 1.5 hrs.

Lesson 4. Case Study of David Dickson.

Uses a case study to tell the story of a young man, David Dickson, from Marlow who was
killed when his ship HMS Hawke was sunk by a German U boat. He was only 17yrs old, went to Borlase and played hockey at Marlow Hockey Club so the children will learn and identify with a “real person” from the town. Lesson duration 2hrs. There are a large number of suggested activities to choose from in this lesson which could be further developed as the basis of a World War 1 related study.