Museum Displays

One of our objectives is to undertake original research into how World War One impacted upon Marlow and its people. We are sharing the results of our research at Marlow Museum through a rolling series of displays that records events from 100 years ago and that changes every three months. Each series focuses on three themes:

  • The Home Front – what was happening in Marlow 100 years ago
  • The War – events from the War that involved combatants from Marlow and the surrounding area
  • The People – the story of someone from Marlow who died 100 years ago in the War.

Please do visit the Museum to see these displays and artefacts from the War.

August 1918Example display – August 1918 

The table below lists the current and previous displays, some of these can be downloaded ( large files ):

Period covered

Museum Display


August – October 1914

The People – David Dickson

The Home Front – The Outbreak of War, August 1914

The War – The Western Front, August – October 1914

Marlow Remembers World War One


November 1914 – January 1915

The War – Christmas Truce, December 1914

The Home Front – Events in Marlow, Winter 1914

The People – Four Marlow men killed on 1 November 1914


February – April 1915

The People – The Mystery of Major Nigel Baynes

The Home Front – Bucks Volunteer Training Corps

The War – Neuve Chapelle, March 1915


May – July 1915

The Home Front – Charles Frohman

The People – William Henry Nottingham

The War – The Sinking of the Lusitania, March 1915


August – October 1915

The War – Gallipoli

The Home Front – Marlow’s Training Trenches

The People – William North


November 1915 – January 1916


February – April 1916


May – June 1916


Frederick Kelly 1881 – 1916

Frederick Kelly – The Composer (3mb)

Frederick Kelly – The Rower (3mb)

Frederick Kelly – The Soldier (6mb)


The role of Marlow Brewery

Current Exhibition - from Beer to Bombs


Spring 1917

The Home Front – Life in Marlow (0.8mb)

July – November 1917

March 1918

Health and Housing - The National Kitchen - Basil Horsfall VC

August 1918

August 1918

The Home Front – Marlow Summer (2.0mb)

The People – Herbert Lunnon (2.1mb)


We are arranging for displays to be exhibited at other venues in and around the town, including community centres, housing schemes, libraries and places of work. So far, we have exhibited the displays at the following venues in Marlow:

Marlow Library

Marlow Rowing Club

All Saints’ Church, Marlow

All Saints’ Church, Bisham

The Marlow Club

Brooke Furmston Place

New Court

Cliveden Manor

The Causeway

If you would like to host any of the above exhibitions for a period of time, please do contact us at