From Beer to Bombs: Wethered’s Brewery, Marlow, during the First World War

We have been researching the impact of the First World War on the Wethered brewery which was the largest employer in Marlow in 1914. We published the results of our research in the 2017 volume of Records of Buckinghamshire. An offprint of the article is attached here and is reproduced courtesy of the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society.

Wethereds Brewery, Marlow, during WW1


The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies holds an impressive collection of the archives of the former Wethered’s Brewery that operated in Marlow between 1758 and 1993. Within that collection are documents relating to the brewery during the First World War. Combined with other contemporary primary source material, these provide a fascinating insight into the impact of the conflict on the brewery and its role in munitions production. A detailed examination of the company during the period 1914–1918 both highlights and informs areas of historical interest, in particular the impact of the war on industry, armaments production and the role of women.  read more..