We want your stories!

We would like your help to fill these pages with stories of local people and local family’s experiences during WW1 – both at home and at war.

If you have any stories or papers that you would like to share we would be very grateful if you would contact us!

For example, we have been contacted by David Cubitt who is the son of George Cubitt who attended Sir William Borlase’s School in Marlow and who fought in the War. George wrote a number of poems about his experience that his son has kindly shared with us and the school. Here is one that we feel is particularly poignant one hundred years on:

A War Memorial

The cross stands firm in its new-built strength,
A text is carved in stone;
The squire and parson speak at length,
While each man thinks of his own.

The band strikes up a final hymn…
But who will remember Bill and Jim,
The staunch of heart and strong of limb,
When a hundred years have flown?

George S. Cubitt

Memories of Marlow – from the time of the First World War

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