Marlow Remembers World War One Association

Who are we?

We have set up the Marlow Remembers World War One Association to ensure that, one hundred years on from the conflict, there is an appropriate range of events and activities to commemorate the impact of the War upon the people and town of Marlow and surrounding area.

The Association is entirely led by volunteers and includes representatives from a number of local interest groups and societies, such as the Marlow Society, Marlow Museum and the Royal British Legion. Local schools are also represented on the group. We are grateful for the financial support that we have received to date from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Marlow Town Council and PwC.

Our role is to act as a local umbrella organisation, co-ordinating and encouraging the activities of other local groups. We will focus attention and provide the link to county and national programmes and initiatives. We are also a source of ideas for other societies, groups and individuals.


What is our purpose?

Our overall goal is to record and commemorate the effects of World War One (1914-1918) on the communities of Marlow Town, Marlow Bottom, Great Marlow, Little Marlow, Medmenham and Bisham. In particular, we are focused on raising the awareness and understanding of the impact of the war on local people and the town.

We aim to:

  • Commemorate the contribution made by people from around Marlow in World War One
  • Explain the involvement of the people from Marlow and the surrounding area in the War, both at home and in battle
  • Provide a lasting record of the commemoration for future generations
  • Involve the whole community


Are you interested in getting involved?

peace-souvenirPlease do contact us if you would like to:

  • Find out more about what we are doing and planning to do
  • Get involved in any aspect of our research or activities
  • Share a story or memento from the time of World War One
  • Make a suggestion or put forward an idea, big or small.

Appeal for Information

Does anyone know local people with the names of Read or Ranscombe? They might be descendants of Reginald Read or William Ranscombe, soldiers of the Great War who died in September 1918 and are buried locally.

Their families had connections in Reading and Temple (Read), and Holyport, Fifield, Maidenhead and Crown Road in Marlow (Ranscombe).

The Marlow Remembers WW1 Association is planning to hold remembrance ceremonies at their graves shortly and would welcome contact from relatives.

If you can help, please email: